Daisy’s Guide to Composting

I moved a few months ago, and one thing I’d been missing from my old house was my compost bins. This new(er) house had two of these decrepit barrel planters on the patio. One was significantly more decrepit, and I decided it would make a perfect compost bin, at least temporarily.

So, that weekend, I cleaned out my fridge, made green juices, scrambled some eggs, etc … and happily dumped the results into my new bin. And then Daisy discovered the bin. At first, she just raised up on her hind legs and sniffed. Then she started jumping in. Before I knew it, she had eaten an entire rotten banana (peel and all), my morning’s coffee grounds (filter and all), and about a dozen egg shells.

broken barrel
Composting epic fail. Also, Daisy does not like onions.

(Coffee might be bad for dogs. I feel I should say that. Daisy is fine. She was a bit wound that evening, but she seems none the worse for the wear now.)

I tried keeping her out of it, to no avail, until one evening I let her out and heard a terrible crash. This first image is the result.

On to Plan B!

Clearly I needed a Daisy-proof compost option. I found this one on clearance at Menards for less than $40. They had the same exact one for $10 more, only slightly cleaner. I figured, compost is supposed to be dirty, yes? And I bought the clearance one.

So far, so good. For me. Daisy isn’t so happy with it.

Dogs with compost bin
But, how do we get to the noms now?


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  1. I love the caption of that last picture! Your pups are so cute! Apparently I am behind because your new blog just came onto my feed today and I have several posts to read.

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