To the Moon and Back

This is my first Mother’s Day since my mother died.  It’s been a rough few days for me.  I kind of didn’t expect it to be quite this hard.  I’ve been thinking about her a lot, feeling her presence, crying a lot.

She used to always send me a card on Mother’s Day to thank me for making her a mother.  I won’t be getting that card this year.  At least not in the same form I’m used to.  I’m certain she’ll let me know she’s there in some way.

I saved one of her cards from years ago, and it says “I love you to the moon and back” on the front.  It’s framed in my living room.

moon and back pendant
I wonder if she’s been to the moon and back now?

When I found this necklace at JC Penney, I knew I needed to buy it as a Mother’s Day gift to myself.  I used a gift card from my dad and step-mother to buy it, so it’s almost like it’s a present from all my parents.  I’m wearing it today and thinking of you, Mom, wherever you are!

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