My Name is Janet and I’m a Nail Polish Addict

As vices go, nail polish is a pretty mild one.  I suppose.  It brings me joy.  Most of my life is about me being serious and responsible and reasonable.  Nail polish is silly and girlie and serves no purpose other than being pretty and fun (and sometimes sparkly).  Plus they have clever names that make me smile.  This is just a snippet of the extent of my addiction.

beauty brands
This is my Mecca.

My favorite place to buy nail polish is Beauty Brands.  I happened to move recently to a fairly large town which is not quite large enough to have a Beauty Brands I guess.  So, when I head to a metropolis with one nearby, I try to go.

I had to be in Kansas City the other day, for kind of a stressful event, and my reward to myself for surviving was a trip to Beauty Brands.  Mostly I love it because they put stuff on clearance a lot.  I’ve never bought anything at full price there.

nail polish
I’ll have an order of OPI with a side of Essie.

So that day I bought these lovelies:  Essie Take it Outside (half price), OPI Go with the Lava Flow (this one is gorgeous!), OPI Just Lana-ing Around (both of those from the Hawaii Collection), OPI Up Front & Personal (Those three were buy 2 get 1 free), OPI Romeo & Juliet, OPI First Date at the Golden Gate, and OPI Incognito in Sausalito (those three half price, the last two from the San Francisco Collection).  I kind of want all of the SF Collection ones just because I lived there once and loved it.  The two colors I bought kind of aren’t that pretty.  But still.


This is my current manicure with Up Front & Personal.  I have no idea what collection this is from, and I don’t remember ever seeing it before, but it’s very pretty.  Kind of a silvery gold, but not too much one or the other.  It’s very sparkly.  It makes me happy.

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  1. I have a nail polish problem as well. It drives me crazy that Essie has different formulas in each polish. Some last for days with no chips and some just hours. Same with OPI. I don’t buy many other brands but the pedi on my toes is Love Audrey by China Glaze (Ulta) with a glitter polish over it and it has lasted 2 months.

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