Sparks Fly

I recently bought a new comforter.  My comforter addiction is slightly less consuming than my nail polish addiction, but more expensive per pop, I suppose.  I’m never satisfied with my comforter and always looking for the perfect one.  It made my ex a bit insane.  “I know I just bought a new comforter two months ago, but we’re at Target, and there just might be a better one here today!”

Here’s the deal.  I love decorating, so I love pretty things.  I also love sleeping, and I have the best bed in the whole world.  So comforters combine pretty and sleep, and really, what more is there in life?

I’m also extremely sensitive to sensory stuff.  I cannot stand certain feels.  (My ex knew that the way to keep me from finding things was to wrap them in this horrifying microfiber cloth he used to clean his car.  I could. not. stand. to touch the thing.  The very sight of it gave me chills.  I’m a little bit skeeved out just remembering it now.)

Pretty to look at, yucky to touch.
Pretty to look at, yucky to touch.

This is my most recent comforter.  I ordered it from Amazon.  It’s very pretty, but I should know better than to buy a comforter I can’t touch first.  It’s made of some sort of crazy demon fabric that gives me the willies.  I’d go to great lengths to avoid touching it.  Which isn’t a quality you want in your bedding

Here’s another quality you don’t want in your bedding:  sparks.  Whatever this thing is made of, in the winter it actually crackles with static electricity.  If you brush it against itself in the dark, there are sparks.  I’m not even kidding.  Imagine my reaction the first time that  happened.

I prefer my comforter without sparks, thank you very much.

Pretty too!  And 100% spark free!
Pretty too! And 100% spark free!

So, I bought this one.  I got it from Target though.  It’s 100% cotton, soft to touch, and also very pretty.  Plus, it hasn’t sparked yet.

I might never get out of bed again.

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