Well, That’s Not What You Want to See

So, I use this free online tarot card reading site sometimes.  I’m not entirely sure I believe in it, but somehow it does manage to hit the nail on the head most of the time.

The last two times I’ve used it, I swear, this is what it has said:

“Card 1: How you feel about yourself”, that isn't very uplifting.  I'm just sayin'., that isn’t very uplifting. I’m just sayin’.


Now, if I go on to actually read what this card indicates, a lot of it makes sense.  Anything from general changes in life (moving anyone? selling a house? new job?), to relationships ending, to working through an actual bereavement (as in, when one’s mother dies, for example?).  And it makes a point to say that every ending is a chance for a new beginning.  Blah blah.  Transformation.  Yada yada.

The second card today indicates that what I want most in life is “the devil.”

Things are not looking up so far.

I will say that by the sixth card, which indicates “the likely outcome” I drew “temperance.”  This suggests a period of peace and harmony is coming.  But I have to be patient.

I’m not so good at patience.  But I sense that seeking the “devil” is not a wise option.