Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Pretty PiggyI just had a brilliant idea that I should do a “Mani Monday” feature, because I usually paint my nails on Sunday night.  I thought I came up with this brilliant idea all on my own, until I did a quick Google search and found a ton of other posts with this label.  Apparently other bloggers had the same brilliant idea before I did.  Whatever.

I’m also slow to the party of trying Sally Hansen miracle gel, because last week was my first time.  The color I chose is “Pretty Piggy.”  This polish uses a special top coat that “activates” it like a gel.  It professes all the benefits of a gel polish without the hassle of gel removal (or the light curing, which really doesn’t bother me about gels anyway).

Pretty Piggy, blurry picture.
Pretty Piggy, blurry picture.

So, here is the night I did my nails.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use a base coat or not.  The system doesn’t include one.  I used my Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus.  I did two coats of the color, and it probably really needed three, because it was streaky.  But the instructions said two, so I did two.  Then you use the special top coat.

It was easy to apply. I found that it did dry very quickly, like a gel would.  And it had a nice, shiny finish, like a gel.  But did it last like a gel?


After 24 hours, one pretty biggy chip.
After 24 hours, one pretty biggy chip.
48 hours in, more chips.
48 hours in, more chips.
Three days in.  Can't take the chips.
Three days in. Can’t take the chips.

Still better luck than I have with regular polish though.  Usually I would touch up my nails each night, and this week, I did not.  For science.

On day four I could no longer handle the chips, and I removed it.  It did come off super easily with regular nail polish remover, so that’s a point in it’s favor.

I’d use it again and try more colors for sure.  But as good as a “real” gel manicure?  No.

I give it four sparkles on my completely made up five-sparkle scale.

4 sparkles

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