I’m Magical

You have to believe we are magic!

This word has never been a huge part of my vocabulary, but for some reason, The Universe has been bringing it to my attention this week.  A few days ago I had a supervisor at work tell me I’m magical.

Yes, that’s nice and all.  It’s less nice when you hear the full context.  “I know I’m asking you to do a thing that cannot be done.  But I also know you are magical.”  So, I’ll get it done.  This impossible thing.  As I often do at work.

I get these emails from The Universe every morning.  (You can too, if you’d like, by visiting www.tut.com.  I’m not in any way affiliated with them.  But I love them.)  Today’s said, “It doesn’t get any more beautiful, any more magical, any richer, or any easier, Janet, than things are right now. Until, of course, you start expecting it to get more beautiful, magical, richer, and easier.”

Then a Facebook friend posted about covering herself in glitter and pretending she was a magical unicorn.

There’s that word, magical, again.  It keeps popping up, and I feel like I should pay attention.  Maybe I really am  magical.

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  1. I have felt for a long while that if we could just have enough belief in ourselves, that we could be unstoppable. Here’s to being “magical” 🙂

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