Words Means Things

My ex used to say that.

I just finished editing a grant proposal for work.  It constantly baffles me when intelligent people write badly.  When spelling or grammar is wrong, it just looks so wrong to me.  It practically jumps off the page (or screen) and personally assaults me.

And when it’s right, it’s so right.  I take great pleasure in fixing words to make them right.  It’s satisfying.  There are rules.  You follow them, and all is good with the world.  I have a hard time grasping that other people don’t see it like I see it.

I suppose I come by my editing skills honestly, as my mother did a lot of writing and editing throughout her life.  I’ve done bits and pieces of editing in my present job, and I really enjoy it.  Maybe I only enjoy it, because it isn’t all I do every day.  I’ve known people who worked full time as editors and wanted to stab their eyeballs out.

And with that, I’m going to put away my red pen and settle in to watch bad television.  I can stand bad television, but not bad writing.

1 thought on “Words Means Things

  1. Would it surprise you to hear that I love press days at work, when I can yield the red pen and fix all the editorial that comes in for our newspapers? It’s truly one of the highlights of my job…

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