Mani Monday: Zoya Rue

Zoya Rue
Zoya Rue

This week’s mani is Zoya Rue.  I saw this color online and thought I needed it.  Then when it came in the mail, I kind of thought, “Rue? Ew.”  I thought it would be a pinkish nude, but it looked more purpley greige in the bottle.  I went ahead and tried it, and I actually really liked it on.  It looks more pink on the nail than in the bottle, and it was a nice neutral.

I used the Essie Gel-setter top coat again, with similar results to the previous couple weeks.  Excellent (meaning basically no chips) for the first two days, then on day three I started touching up.  By touching it up a bit most evenings, it lasted all week.

Four sparkles for this one.

4 sparkles

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