She Lived

Today would have been my mom’s 69th birthday.  I took off work, mostly because I had to work Saturday.  I didn’t consciously take off because it’s Mom’s birthday, but I think maybe The Universe was looking out for me.

I decided the best thing to do to celebrate would be to eat the chocolatiest cake I could find.  That’s what she would have done.  In fact, on her last birthday, she told me she wanted to come to my house, and she was bringing cake.  She had purchased the most decadent looking piece of chocolate cake from the bakery, and she even brought birthday candles.

We lit them, and I sang, and we ate the cake with ice cream.  Then we watched The Young and the Restless.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Birthday Mom!

So, that’s basically what I did today.  I bought cupcakes, and I put ridiculous birthday candles on them.  I blew them out and made a wish.  Then I ate one with ice cream and watched The Young and the Restless.

Right before I turned on the television, this song came on the radio.

It seemed to be a perfectly timed message from Mom.  Her life was cut way too short, but she did truly live.

5 thoughts on “She Lived

  1. I just love that you and Ellen love The Young and The Restless. I always got a chuckle from that 🙂
    Peace and blessings to you on this wonderful day!
    Love, Jeanine

  2. That described my mom as well!! She died way too young, loved chocolate cake and was a big fan of Y&R! Happy birthday to your momma! I know she is eating the best cake ever with Jesus (and my mom probably heard there was a cake and showed up for a slice!)

  3. I miss your mom Janet. What a special way to celebrate your memory and her day of birth. I always remember her sense of balance in her life. However, I always loved sitting and having tea with her and sometimes we would have cookies or she would make her delicious homemade vegetable soup with all the vegetables in my refrigerator that were on the edge. She always had a very special way of making things very cozy and warm. A precious and gentle soul.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment about my Mom, Nancy! Yes, she had a way of throwing random things together to create a warm, hearty meal.

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