No Roly-polies

This week I was visiting a preschool class, and they were playing outside.  A little boy came up to me and earnestly asked me to find him a “pulley pulley.”  I was lost.  I told him maybe he should ask his teacher to help him.  (Always a wise move, but basically I had no clue what he was talking about.)

He went and found a teacher, and asked her the same question.  She replied, “No, I’m not going to find you a roly poly.  You can look for roly polies yourself.”  Oh.  Roly poly.

I thought little of this, other than it was kind of cute.  And I proceeded with my observation.  As the outdoor time went on, I heard the boy ask two other teachers to help him “find a pulley pulley.”  Each teacher politely told him no.  He moved on to asking some of the kids.  I pretty much ignored this behavior.

About when it was time to go inside, I noticed the little boy playing with another boy on the other side of the playground.  Again, no big deal.  Didn’t think much of it.  Until suddenly the second little boy screamed, “DUDE!  THERE ARE NO ROLY POLIES!!!!”

It was kind of hilarious.  I guess even three-year olds get tired of being asked the same thing over and over.

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