Overheard at Wal-mart

This might have to become another regular feature around here.  Because I hear some doozies.  Today’s was a charming man saying this to his lovely wife, “Go ahead on and dye yo hair.  Ain’t gonna make no difference.  You still ain’t got no teeth.”

Granted, I was at the ghetto Wal-mart.  Shortly after I moved here, I was complaining to a co-worker about how particularly awful Wal-mart is here.  (I mean, they’re all somewhat awful, but this is just beyond.)  She asked me which one I was using, and when I told her, she was horrified.  She said, “Oh, God no!  You can’t go to that one!  That’s the ghetto one!”

And she’s right.  But it’s also the one closest to my house and easiest to access between work and home.  *sigh*  Plus today I mostly needed dog food.  I figured it was worth the trauma to shorten my drive for this one item.

In the store’s defense, there was a sweet elderly lady handing out decent sized free sample cups of Blue Bunny vanilla bean ice cream.  And it was good.  Then the next aisle had a woman giving out cups of mixed berries.  I dumped the berries in my ice cream and had a lovely mid-afternoon snack on Wal-mart’s dime.

These are good yo.  Whether or not you have teeth.
These are good yo. Whether or not you have teeth.

Then I came upon another woman handing out samples of these Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Caramels.  They were ridiculously good.  I may have bought a bag.  I mean, by then I’d eaten three generous sized free samples.  It was more about karma than caramel.  Also, I think I’ll take them to work and share.  Maybe.

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  1. Janet! I found you! I’m so glad you’re still/back to blogging! Looks like I have some catching up to do. But first I think I need to go find some of those dark chocolate caramel things.

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