I’m Not Your Everything

It’s been brought to my attention a lot lately, this idea of whether one person can be everything to another person.  I think our culture has done us a disservice with all these messages of “marrying your best friend.”  Maybe even the concept of “best friend” itself is flawed.  I have a lot of really amazing people in my life, and they are all amazing in their own unique ways.  Isn’t that enough?  Can I adore them and revel in their amazingness as it expresses itself without expecting them to be more than they are?

I think it can be enough, if we truly accept each person as they are.  Can I truly accept that someone loves me unconditionally and always makes me laugh AND that this person often doesn’t do what he says he will?  Can I accept that another person helps me ponder the deeper meanings in life and pushes me to be all that I can be AND that this person lives really far away from me and isn’t always available?  Can I accept that a friend is wiser than anyone I’ve ever known and is always willing to “take me back” even if I take 6 months to answer her email AND that she’s got a baby and a business and a husband and step-children and life and will probably take 6 months to answer MY email?

I think I can.  I think it’s too much to expect anyone to be everything to me.  And I don’t want the pressure of needing to be everything to another person.  I can’t do it.  I’m good at some things, and I’m not so good at others.  Maybe the trick to fully accepting others for who they truly are is learning to accept myself for all I truly am while being okay with all the things I’m not.

What do you think?

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