Mani Monday: Pink with Dots

I haven’t done a Mani Monday post in a while.  I guess I haven’t been inspired much by my nails for a few weeks.  But this week’s look was fun, and I got a lot of compliments on it.  People asked me if I was wearing Jamberry wraps.  Nope.  All me.

Ginormous ring from Old Navy, for a teeny tiny price.
Ginormous ring from Old Navy, for a teeny tiny price.

The design actually came to me in a dream.  I’m serious.  I woke up Sunday morning from this dream of pink nails with an accent nail in pink, purple, and silver polka dots.  I decided it was a sign from the polish gods, and I must do it.

I got really into nail art for a while a year or so ago when I was doing at home gel polish a lot.  It seems more worth it to put all that effort into a design if you know it will last a week or more.  If you think it’s just going to chip off, what’s the point?

This one actually did not chip all week!  I mean, the accent nail didn’t chip. The rest of them chipped a bit, but I touched up and was able to go a good six days with it.  I don’t know if my technique was the secret, or if it was dumb luck, but I did the two coats of polish on the accent, then a coat of Essie Gel-Setter, then did the dots, then another coat of Gel-Setter.

The pink here is OPI If You Moust You Moust from the Minnie Mouse collection a few years ago.  It’s one of my favorite pinks.  Perfect Barbie, bubble gum pink.  For the accent nail I used my old as the hills Mary Kay French White, two coats, then dots in the pink and in OPI Vant to Bite My Neck (purple) and OPI Haven’t the Foggiest (silver).  This silver is very highly pigmented, so I find it works amazingly well for nail art, including dots or stamping.

Dots are super easy nail art that looks really hard.  I used these these dotting tools I bought on Amazon for like two bucks.  Look on YouTube for videos on how to use them.  I promise you can do it!

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