Watch Out Meghan Trainor

Yesterday I was visiting a preschool program, and the kids were playing outside.  They are generally a great group, and this day was no exception.  Kids building with blocks (yes, outside!), kids playing on the monkey bars, kids drawing with sidewalk chalk.  I chatted with the teachers a bit and modeled some problem solving between kids who were arguing.

Then a three-year old girl came running up to us, tears streaming down her face.  She had curly blonde hair and a cute pink dress.  The teacher asked her what was wrong, and she sobbed, “I was on the monkey bars…”  *sniffle sniffle*  “…and I fell down…”  *sob snuffle*  “..and I was singing ‘All About that Bass’…”  *sniff sniff*  “…and I hurt myself…”

Wait.  What?

I asked the teacher, “Did she just say she was singing, ‘All About that Bass’?”

The teacher smiled at me, trying not to laugh.

I couldn’t help it.  I cracked up.

I mean, we looked her over, soothed her and calmed her down, and she was fine.  But it was hilarious.

Can a three-year old even have  “bass”?

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