Week One on the PJF Trail

As you can see from the snazzy ticker I’ve installed in the blog’s lower right corner, I’m up to 13 miles completed!  I have walked five of the last seven days.  The work days I did less than 2 miles each evening.  It wasn’t even too hard to make myself do it.  I’m kind of excited about my new project.  And I bought myself some new goodies that I wanted to try out.

First, I got a new sports bra.  Not an easy task when you are cursed blessed with ginormous boobs.  I can’t buy one in a store around here, and the first one I ordered from Amazon was a disaster. 
This week I tried again and came up with a winner. I got this Natori Yogi Contour Convertible Sports Bra.  Different sizes and different colors were different prices, so I went with the cheapest one in my size, which was this crazy bright color.  But whatever.  Nobody sees it anyway, and it makes me kind of happy.  More important, it fits, it supports, it does not give uni-boob, and it wicked away sweat.  Win!

I also got new shoes.  I tend to wear my walking shoes way longer than I should.  They say you should replace them something like every six months.  I think that’s a scam perpetuated by sporting goods companies.  But still, I probably should not wear them three years.  Every time I get new walking shoes and wear them the first time, I think, “Holy crap!  Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?!  I feel like I have springs on my feet!”

New shoes! Hot pink. Love
New shoes! Hot pink. Love

I got these Nikes from Kohl’s.  I’ve tried different brands of walking shoes over the years, and I’ve found Nikes to last me the longest.  New Balance is a close second.  I’d rather pay a bit more and know they’ll last, plus Kohl’s has good enough sales and coupons, it’s not too bad.  I paid about $55 for these.  I’ve worn them twice and I <3 them.

All my new goodies, coupled with not feeling like crap anymore, has given me a newfound energy.  I decided that this long Labor Day weekend was the time to push myself to do some longer walks.  I’m still inside on the treadmill.  It’s hot out.

The longest I’ve walked at once in probably a year is about 2 miles.  I used to regularly do three, no big deal.  But that hasn’t happened in a long time.  Until yesterday!!

One two three. Yes it took me over an hour. Don't judge.
One two three. Yes it took me over an hour. Don’t judge.

I actually did 3.2 today, but I forgot to take a picture.  Oh well.  There will be bigger numbers to photograph in the future!  Like maybe tomorrow?

Also, I started reading the book this week.  You guys!  YOU GUYS!  You have to read this book.  I don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner.  Except that the Universe has a way of bringing me the book I need at exactly the moment I need it.  I sobbed through the entire first chapter.  I mean SOBBED.  Not like teared up a little.  Like hands full of tissues sobbing.  I could relate to so much she went through with her mom’s cancer.  Ugh.  I think Cheryl Strayed is my soul sister.

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