PJF Trail for Life

Can I just tell you that this project is what I’m living for right now?  It is.  I cannot wait each night to crawl into bed and read my book.  I think about it during the day.  I’m almost at that halfway point where part of you is dying to read more and more and faster and faster, and part of you wants to read slower and slower because you never want the story to end.

And I look forward to the next time I can walk, and I look even more forward to the next time I can walk longer.  I’m way looking forward to the weather cooling down and taking my first long walk on a real life trail outside.  I’m so thrilled to tick off another two miles on my ticker.  I love my new walking shoes.  I love my new sports bra.  I bought a pedometer.  I love it.

Because generally a lot of my life sucks right now.  It just does.  My work mostly sucks right now.  My dating life sucks.  I love my doggies, of course.  They don’t suck.  I live for them and for my walking project.  That’s really about it.

I guess it’s kind of sad to feel that much of one’s life sucks.  But maybe it’s not.  I’m really almost excited enough about reading this book and walking (and snuggling with puppies) that it makes all the rest of the suckage kind of okay.

Kind of.

Yesterday not so much.  This morning, not so much.  But this evening I happily walked two more miles.  And when I sign off here, I’ll crawl into bed and read another chapter, with my dogs curled up next to me.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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