Fight Song

As my little ticker in the lower right corner shows, this week I surpassed 30 miles on the PJF Trail, and I kept right on going.  At about four weeks in, I’ve done 37.4 miles so far.  If you understand math, you can tell that I have a long way to walk before I hit 1100 miles.

Someone asked me the other day how I was doing on my walking project, and then was a bit shocked that I’m actually still walking.  I’ll admit, my progress is slower than I’d hoped, but as the saying goes, “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”  Mind you, I’m not in competition here with anyone but myself.  So, let’s amend that to say, “No matter how slow Janet walks, she’s still lapping Janet on the couch.”

I have been taking more days off than I’d like, but no more than two in a row.  I’m walking shorter distances in a day than I’d like, but I’ve hit the three mile mark on several occasions (including today!).  I’d like to say I’d walked an actual trail by now, but I’ve done most of my walking on the treadmill.  The important thing is, I’m still going.  Plus I did pick up a super cool brochure all about the local trails.

I had a brief run in with shin splints.  I think.  I didn’t see a doctor or anything, but a quick online search confirmed my suspicions.  The cure?  Rest.  And ice and ibuprofen, and possibly new shoes.  Ugh.  Any previous time, I’d be thrilled to follow “doctor’s orders” and rest (or buy shoes), but now?!  When I’m just going on this walking journey?!  And surely my cute new pink Nikes are not the problem.  Hence, the couple days off here and there.  Today was the first day I had very little shin pain on my walk.

My latest complaint is that really, I’m annoyed with every song on my iPod.  (I know, first world problem.  Your heart is breaking for me.)  Good music really motivates me when I exercise, and I’ve got a fairly good playlist, but I’ve heard them all over and over for a month now, and I’m ready for some new stuff.

I just downloaded “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten and “Crash and Burn” by Thomas Rhett.  I’m still needing some new tunes though.  What are your favorite workout songs right now?  What music pumps you up and keeps you going through a long workout?

4 thoughts on “Fight Song

  1. Janet! I have really enjoyed reading about your walking journey. Keep on going, girl! This time of year I usually switch from runner to walker, hopefully I will see you out and about. Fingers crossed! I really like listening to podcasts while I walk, the stories keep my mind occupied. Some of my regulars are: SheDoes and Fireside Mystery Theatre. I’m also counting down the days until the second season of Serial premiers. As far as music, ‘Feel Again’ by OneRepublic has a fun beat and I always hit ‘repeat’ after the song ends. Also, ‘Hey Mami’ by Slyvan Esso, ‘Brand New’ by Pharrell and ‘Radio’ by Santigold really get me going. 🙂 I look forward to reading your next post!

    1. Thanks so much for the great song suggestions Kelsey! I’m definitely going to get a couple of those. I miss seeing your smiling face every day!

  2. You definitely need some Billy Joel. “We didn’t start the fire,” “You may be right.” Not that I walk much. I’m the couch lapper with crochet in hand 🙂

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