Mani M…Tuesday: BOO!

I keep neglecting my “Mani Monday” posting duties.  Maybe I just haven’t been very inspired by my nail polish lately.  But I did a fun little number this weekend that is getting me a lot of compliments.  Plus it’s timely since Halloween is Saturday.

I did that. You could too.
I did that. You could too.

I bought this Butter London polish at Marshall’s.  The color is called Sunbaker, and I purposely got it thinking it would be a pretty orange for October.  I was right.  This is only my third Butter polish, and I was not a fan of the other two.  At all.  I seriously failed to see any valid reason for the high price tag.

This one has proven to be a much better polish than the ones I tried earlier.  This covered completely in one coat, and it’s super sparkly.  I went ahead and did two coats, but you could totally get away with one.

I wanted to do a little Halloween nail art, so I used some black polish and a small dotting tool to draw this jack-o-lantern on my left thumbnail.  I let it dry a bit then slapped on some Seche Vite top coat.

I also attempted to make a black cat on one nail.  It kind of morphed into a super fat black bat.  Then it morphed into a giant black blob on the nail.  Then it morphed into me completely taking the polish off that nail and starting all over.  Pumpkin face = easy.  Cat = hard.


I wanted a touch of something on the right hand, but I knew that anything intricate with my non-dominant hand was going to be a challenge bad plan.  I decided to just slap on a coat of OPI Comet in the Sky as an accent nail.  This has been one of my favorite glitters lately.  It totally seems Halloweeny here, but I’ve used it with blacks, blues, greens.  It works well as a Christmas shade or for New Year’s also.  Easy.  Sparkly.  Win.

All in all, this was a fairly easy seasonal manicure to do, and I’m pleased with the Butter polish this go ’round.  I did have some tip wear already, and I touched that up a bit tonight.  I remain more of an OPI fan for sure, but I’m less Anti-Butter after using this color.


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