PJF Trail 101

Technically 102.  But 101 makes a catchier title.  Today I surpassed the 100 mile mark on the PJF Trail!  I’m at 102 miles.  I have metaphorically reached Kennedy Meadows, Cheryl Strayed’s first re-supply stop on the Pacific Crest Trail. Go me!

Someone asked me the other day how far I’d gone, and how long it took me to go that far.  Let’s see… I started on August 30th.  So, as of tomorrow, it’s been three months.  Ninety-one days.  An average of 1.12 miles per day.

If you understand math, you’ll see that this is a tad short of my calculation of 1100 miles in 421 days requiring 2.61 miles per day.  I’m okay with this, and here’s why.

For one, the goal is to gradually increase how far I can go in a day.  I started out with 1.5 miles seeming impossible.  Now, on a “slow” day, I do 2 miles.  My weekend goal is always hitting 4 at least once, and 3 miles is a given.  So I’ve more than doubled how far I can go daily within three months.  If I keep on increasing my mileage, that daily average will go up and up and up.  So, I’m not giving up on still reaching my goal on time.

The other thing is, you know that saying about shooting for the stars and landing on the moon?  Guys.  I walked 102 miles in three months!  That’s 102 more miles than if I’d been sitting on the couch for three months.

And I don’t have any intention of stopping.  If I don’t reach my goal of 1100 miles by my 45th birthday, I’ll keep going until I do.  And I’ll get damn closer than I would have if I’d never seen the movie Wild and started this journey.

Keep going, whatever your goal, and however slow your progress!

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