I Broke a Car with My Face

#wokeuplikethis #nofilters
#Iwokeuplikethis #nofilters

This is apparently what I told my co-worker when I called to tell them why I wasn’t back yet from lunch Tuesday.  I was both laughing and crying when I said it.  And I’ve basically been both laughing and crying about it all ever since.

I just wanted to get french fries and look at some rescue cats.  Maybe buy some nail polish (allegedly).  And instead, I fell in a parking lot of a shopping center.   I fell over a giant pothole, and I broke my fall with my face on the bumper of an SUV.  My face also broke the bumper of the SUV.  My makeup was smeared onto the vehicle.

I never saw any cats or any nail polish, and I didn’t get the french fries until much later in the day.  Some nice lady ran over to me immediately asking if I was okay.  I stared up at her from the ground holding my face and telling her I didn’t know.  After filing a report with the shopping center, I went to urgent care for face x-rays, crying and laughing the whole time like a lunatic.

Nothing is broken.  Well, no bones are broken.  My spirit might be broken a little, and my pride a lot.

I kind of wish I had a video of the whole thing happening so I could watch it in slow motion and understand where exactly I hit what and why various parts of my body (hello right arm and left ankle) hurt so badly right now.  And why the parts that look the worst are not the parts that hurt the worst.

Oprah says that when something in your life needs to change, the Universe starts by whispering to you.  If you don’t listen, the Universe speaks a little louder.  If you still don’t listen, it gets louder, and louder, and LOUDER.  If you persist in this non-listening business, eventually the Universe hits you upside the head with a brick.  Or, in my case, upside the nose with an SUV.

Somehow the physical and emotional pain of this week is really pushing me toward making changes in my life.  I guess I’d better listen, before the Universe sends something even bigger.

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