Mani Monday: May the Holiday Force Be with You

Is December 28th too late to post a holiday manicure?  I say, if it involves Star Wars nail polish, it’s right on time!  I’ve been searching for The Cover Girl Star Wars collection since I first saw it announced in August.  I wanted it all, but mostly the nail polish.  Because, how could you not?   As a child of the 80’s who loves nail polish and could care less about action figures (and anything else you could slap Star Wars on), I needed it ALL.  It was “released” in September.  By “released” I mean publicized everywhere and available exactly nowhere.

I found maybe two lipsticks and only one mascara in late September, and I snatched them up and was mostly disappointed.  But I’ve since found more items and been happier with them.  I decided to include a couple of the polishes in my Christmas manicure, because nothing says Christmas like Storm Troopers.

This is what I came up with:

Christmas mani with holly berryish looking shapes.  Allegedly.
Christmas mani with holly berryish looking shapes. Allegedly.

I’m wearing OPI Kiss Me Or Elf on three nails, and I used it for the berries.  I’ve really loved this color this year.  Highly recommend that one, and I’ve seen it at Target lately.

The white is Cover Girl Snow Storm (and they missed the boat entirely by not calling this Snow Storm Troopers.  But nobody asked me).  I’ve been in need of a good white polish for nail art, and this one is pretty good.  It’s opaque in two coats, glossy, and not at all streaky.  I hate a white polish that looks like you painted white out on your nails (Honestly, you did that as a kid.  Didn’t you?)  This one is not at all like that.

The glitter is Essie Luxeffects in Summit of Style.  This is another newish acquisition for me, and I’m really pleased with it.  I’ve had a much finer gold glitter, but never a chunky one.  Lots of glitter in this, and it applies easily.

My holly leaves were done with a dotting tool, and the color is Cover Girl Emerald Blaze.  Again, not a Star Warsy name.  And the color isn’t very Star Warsy at all.  I suppose it kind of reminds me of Boba Fett.  They could have called it Boba Fett-ish.  (Are you reading, OPI?  Essie?  How do I apply for a nail polish naming job?  And can I work from home?)  Anyway, I kind of feel the holly berry design was a bit of a fail.  I almost think the shapes look more like reindeer.  If they were brown.  The leaves are vaguely cloud-like also.  Note to self:  try this with sky blue and white later.

Star Wars nail polishes are not at all Star Warsy.  Except for that label.  Because I will buy anything.
Star Wars nail polishes are not at all Star Warsy. Except for that label. Because I will buy anything.

Okay, so the rest of my Star Wars Cover Girl haul…  Ultimately I found these at my local Walgreens a week or so ago, thanks to a co-worker spotting them and reporting back.  When I grabbed them, they were buy one, get one half off.  The black with silver shimmer is called Diva After Dark, which again, is a naming fail.  Could they not have come up with, In a Galaxy Far Far Away…?  (Seriously, I could do this all day.  Call me.)  The grey is Speed of Light.  This is the only name I’m halfway pleased with.  There are two polishes in the collection that I didn’t buy.  There’s a red and a shimmery nude.  I had them all in my cart, and I decided to put those two back.  I have better reds and nudes in my collection.

I needed three tubes of a terrible mascara, because...Yoda!
I needed three tubes of a terrible mascara, because…Yoda!

The scoop on the lipsticks and the mascaras…  The lighter lipstick is 70, and the red is 30.  Again, what makes them Star Warsy?  The label.  That’s all.  They are just Cover Girl Colorlicious lipsticks with a label slapped on.

The nude is lighter on than it looks in the tube.  I don’t love it on me by itself, but it’s good to layer and soften anything that’s too bright or dark.  The red is nice, and it came in the latest Target Beauty Box (which I found odd, because I haven’t see ANY of this collection at Target).  I don’t wear red lipstick much, but it’s pretty.  Plus, I’ll give it this…I wore it out to dinner the other day, and when I got home, it was still on.  Greasy food, napkin wiping, etc…  It wears better than any other lipstick I’ve got.

Now the mascaras…I bought these for the quotes on the tubes.  That’s literally all it has going for it in my book.  The mascara is Cover Girl The Supersizer by Lashblast.  The “light side” ones are waterproof, and the “dark side” ones are not.  At first, the only one I could find was, “I feel the good in you,” so that’s the open one.

The actual mascara is okay I suppose, but the brush is terrible. It’s basically flat on two sides, then fans out on the end on the opposite sides.  So, you wipe this flattish brush on your eyes, which does nothing.  Then you try to apply it with these long sticky outy things and get it all over yourself.  I cannot figure out how to apply this well.  If you know the trick, please share.

Despite it’s terribleness, I bought two more.  (Marketing ya’ll.  The quotes on tubes thing was genius.)  I found these at Wal-mart on the last evening I spent with Mr. W.  I feel my excitement over finding Star Wars mascara might have been what pushed him over the edge.  (In the words of a friend, “Dislike of excitement over Star Wars mascara?  You don’t have room for that kind of negativity in your life.”)  For reals, I had to buy, “May the force be with you,” and “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  How could I not?

It may have cost me a boyfriend, but I stand by the decision.

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