Mani Monday: Orange You Glad You Didn’t Buy This Polish?

This week’s manicure is a color I recently found at Marshall’s.  I’ve found a lot of great nail polishes at Marshall’s lately, and you can’t beat their prices.  Sometimes they keep polish back in the beauty section, but I find it most often near the checkouts.  You have to dig through a bin, but often there are wonderful treasures.  Sometimes there are duds.  Like this time.

Essie Serial Shopper. Keep shopping for a different nail polish.
Essie Serial Shopper. Keep shopping for a different nail polish.

This is Essie Serial Shopper.  Okay, in this photo, it looks pretty good.  Looks can be deceiving.  I sensed this was going to be on the sheer side, so I used a ridge filling base coat underneath.  It took three coats of polish, really thick coats, to get this coverage.  Plus it dried matte, though it isn’t supposed to be a matte polish.  (I used top coat.) It wasn’t winning.

The real trouble began about day three when I started getting some big chips.  Usually I would just touch those up, throw on some Essie Gel Setter top coat, and be on my merry way.  No.  This was so sheer, those touch ups just made things worse.  It was lumpy and bumpy and about four different shades of orange after the touch ups.  I ended up slapping some glitter over it just to bear it until Friday night.  At which point I started picking and peeling.  (Which you should never do.  It’s bad for your nails.  Yet it’s so satisfying.  Sigh.)

I couldn’t wait to take it off for real and re-do my nails.  Bleh.  Just keep pushing your shopping cart on past this one.

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