Semantics and Bunnies

I’m still here!  I’m still walking!  I’m still painting my nails!  I’m just not posting about it much, sadly.  Work has gotten insanely busy.  I’ve been tired when I’m off, and I’m slacking on my blogging.  I decided that needed to end tonight, even if it meant posting at 11:00.

My little ticker over there shows 195 miles.  I will reach 200 this week!  I will.  If I have to walk all five miles over the weekend, I’ll do it.  I’m not walking as many days as I’d like, but I have walked at least two miles at least one time each weekend in the last few weeks.  That’s not ideal, but hey, considering how sick I was not too long ago, I’m glad I can easily do the two miles.

Not pictured: Alliterative Big Brown Bicycle Basket Bunny
Not pictured: Alliterative Big Brown Bicycle Basket Bunny

I took this selfie from a bridge on the Katy Trail last week.  What you need to know about this walk:

1.  I feel I get double credit, because I actually went on a break from work and made myself walk for 20 minutes.

2.  I saw a guy riding down the trail with a big brown (live) bunny in his bicycle basket.  It was adorable.  The bunny.  Not so much the guy.  I suppose the basket was also adorable.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

This weekend I took a walk around my neighborhood, which has this little lake.  It’s more of a pond really.  What differentiates a lake from a pond?  Is there a rule?  The homeowners association calls it a lake.  Oh!  The difference is in the price I think!  You can charge more for a house on a lake than a house on a pond.  A drop of lake is more expensive than a drop of pond.  I’m sure that’s it.

Is it a lake? Is it a pond? Only the realtor knows for sure.
Is it a lake? Is it a pond? Only the realtor knows for sure.

Anyhow, I snapped this picture of the pond/lake.  I do not live on the pond/lake.  I only live nearby the pond/lake.   There’s a lot of scum on the other side of it.  I think that definitely means it’s a pond.  Who ever heard of “lake scum” honestly?  It’s called pond scum for a reason.

There were also geese over there.  Canadian geese, I think, very far from Canada.  That’s what I was trying to photograph.  You totally cannot see the geese, but it’s a lovely photo of clouds and lake/pond still.  And it was a lovely walk.

It occurs to me that I am unlikely to reach my goal of walking 1100 miles by my October birthday.  I mean, I’d have to average five miles a day at this point.  Every single day.  I’d almost have to quit my job and dedicate my life to walking.  Hmmm…I think a certain PCT author did just that, thus inspiring my journey.  It’s tempting.  I think I may add another year to my timeline instead.

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