People at Walmart are A$$holes

These aren’t my words.  I would be much more likely to say, “All of the stupid people in Columbia are at Walmart today.”  As they often are.

I haven’t done an “Overheard at Walmart” post in a while.  I suppose this one might not truly qualify, as it wasn’t overheard.  It was said directly to me.

I was looking at the Star Wars toys.  As you do on a Friday night when you’re a single, 44-year-old woman with no children.  Duh.  And this twenty-something hipster guy came out of nowhere and said to me, “People at Walmart are assholes.”

I kind of looked around, to be sure he was talking to me.  He was.  I replied, “Yeah, sometimes they can be.”

He said, “I was just…and this person…they were an asshole!”  He seemed really upset.

So I said, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

And he said, “You seem nice.  I just had to vent.”

I said, “I’m glad to be of service.”

And off he went on his not so merry way.

I’m really not sure what happened there.  It occurred to me maybe he was flirting with me, but it didn’t feel that way.  Then I saw him later at the check outs with a hipster girlfriend who had badly painted on, jet black eyebrows.  He didn’t even make eye contact with me.  As though we hadn’t shared that special moment in the toy aisle.

Whatever.  People at Walmart…

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