And Then This Happened

Today at the New Job…(It shall be called the New Job until it is no longer new.  Which will be when I get used to it all and these sorts of things stop completely shocking me.) My boss was struggling with creating a flyer/poster, and I was kinda not doing much, plus I love doing that sort of thing, so I told her I’d handle it.

I did it, and it was fine.  I mean, nothing crazy or fancy, but I got the info out there, and I made it look attractive, and I even sought out and followed all the branding guidelines for our department.  I finished it up toward the end of the day and emailed it to my boss.

Within minutes she called me into her office.  I walked in, and she was sitting there with her own boss, and she proceeded to tell me how much they both loved what I’d done and how amazing it was.


I was sort of just shocked.  Then on the way home I was thinking about what had happened, and I actually started to cry.  I mean, she made a point of praising me, in front of her own supervisor, for the quality of my work.  I can’t even tell you the last time something like that has happened to me.

I was so completely used to every single thing I did at work being criticized, torn apart, completely re-done, and (in my opinion), destroyed.  If I did do something perceived as “right,” I was unlikely to hear a thing about it.   Sad that my highest goal was to get no response when I turned something in or completed a task.

On a lighter, and related, note:  Yesterday it dawned on me that I actually answered the phone, helped the person on the phone, and then went on about my day.  I didn’t have to spend twice as long documenting the call as I actually spent on the call.  I just did the thing, and it was done, and that’s it.

It’s amazing.  I could get used to this.

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