How I Lost 22 Pounds Without Even Trying!

Okay, maybe I did  try.  I tried  not to either pass out or throw up every day.  I tried  not to bleed on everything I wore, sat on, or walked past.  I tried  to actually stay at work every day.  (A day not spent in the ER was a win!)  I tried  to just survive until surgery day.  And I suppose I succeeded at some of those things.

So yeah, I had my follow up visit at the doctor this week, and among other things, I learned that since this whole ordeal started, I’ve lost 22 pounds.  Do I recommend my methods?  Um.  No.  Not even a little bit.

But if you wanna try it, you go right ahead and have a period for three months straight, endure a total of six units of blood transfusions, excruciating pain, then have a slew of organs removed through a big incision in your tummy.  I mean, no pain, no gain, right!  ‘Tis the season for crazy weight loss resolutions!

I kid.  Anyway, there was much good news (besides the numbers on the scale) from my visit.  We looked through all of the pathology reports, and there was nothing in there we didn’t expect.  It was kind of a dull read actually.  “Left ovary removed.  Endometriosis.  Right ovary removed.  Endometriosis.  Left fallopian tube removed.  Endometriosis.  Right fallopian tube removed.  Endometriosis.  Appendix removed.  Endometriosis…”  Who even knew you could have endometriosis in your appendix?!

Doctor says I’ve probably been very sick for a very long time and didn’t even know.  Which also means I’m going to feel amazing in a few weeks.  More amazing than I ever even knew I could feel.

I asked when I can go back to work, expecting the standard “six weeks out” response I’ve gotten all along, and I was so shocked when he said, “You’re doing really well.  I don’t see any reason you can’t go back next week.”  He did clarify I can’t lift more than 10 pounds or do anything strenuous.  Since I work a desk job mostly, he wrote me a note saying I can go back on the 3rd.  Yay!  I’m actually getting kind of sick of being home alone (something I never thought I’d say), plus I’ve been off without pay for this whole ordeal.  So, hi ho hi ho, it’s back to work I go!

I asked about my blood levels, and he said it was on the low end of normal, and my body should replenish itself in six to 12 weeks with my normal diet.  I also asked about my being tired and a bit shaky, and he said that could be from anesthesia, anemia, or hormonal changes, and it would go away.

He is not putting me on any estrogen, because there was so much endometriosis, they are bound to have left some bits, and it feeds on estrogen.  He said the longer I can go without it the better, as those cells will die off without it.  I certainly don’t want it growing back, so I’m on board with this plan.

For the curious, I can tell some differences after just a couple weeks.  My skin is drier.  I’ve always been pretty oily though, so this isn’t a bad thing.  In fact, I’ve been fighting zits even at 45 years old.  Zits and wrinkles, both!  Since the surgery?  Not one zit.  Maybe a couple more wrinkles.  They make cream for that.

I’m also sweating a bit at night, but it’s not bad.  It’s kind of just annoying, because I wake up hot and sweaty, and then immediately I’m freezing, because it’s winter and I’m all wet!  WTF?  Honestly, from what I’ve read and heard though, my episodes are very minor.  I can deal.

And my curves are kind of disappearing.  Not sure if this is hormonal or from weight loss.  Or is the weight loss hormonal?  Either way, less estrogen, less boobs.  Again, not a bad thing for me.  I’ve had too much boobs since fourth grade.  I’m kind of loving it.

I’ve been walking on my treadmill, slowly, and adding a tenth of a mile each day.  I’m up to a full mile, at a very slow pace.  Mostly I wanted to make sure I can walk the half mile I need to for parking at work, so I’m good there.

I’m so very grateful for all the people who have helped and supported me during this ordeal.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  I’ve had friends and family stay with me, drive me places, bring me food, clean my house, carry in my Amazon orders, and one even gave me a gift of nail polish today.  I’m so thankful for all of that, as well as kind words on Facebook and witty texts to make the days less long.

Onward and upward in 2017!

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