Mani Monday: The Worst Nail Polish Ever

Step away from this nail polish.

I painted my nails this weekend with this, and I’m here to warn you about it.  Just say no.  It is the worst nail polish I’ve ever used in my life.

It looks kind of cool in the bottle.  Which is why I bought it.  It seems like it would be kind of white, and it has holographic glitter.

I swatched it, and it looked a bit sketchy.  That white?  It’s bar glitter.  And it’s terrible.  It’s lumpy, and it’s sharp.

Luckily I used a peel off base coat because I knew it would be hard to remove all that glitter.  Yeah, I peeled it off within 30 minutes.  It was so chunky and clunky, and it those glitter bits made me afraid I’d claw my own eyeball out in the night.

I found myself saying something I have never in my life said.  “I’m throwing this nail polish away.”  I considered giving it to someone.  Maybe a teenage girl.  But I cannot in good conscience inflict this nail polish upon another human being.

Essie Peak of Chic?  Nail polish fail.  Epic.

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