About Peaceful, Joyful & Free

Ellen and Janet
This was many years ago, but it’s my favorite photo of my mom and me.

My mother used to say a daily blessing for people in her life, asking The Universe to help each person be “peaceful, joyful, and free.”  She would do this for people she loved, as well as people she had conflicts with, and always for anyone who happened to cross her mind for whatever reason.

She passed away in 2014 after a challenging battle with cervical cancer.  Once she left her human body, I knew, without a doubt, that she was now peaceful, joyful, and free.  I adopted the blessing as my own, and I say it daily for important people in my life.

When I decided to start writing again, in public, I knew this was the perfect overriding theme for my new blog.  I write about things that help me find peace, joy, and freedom, and my wish is that you’ll find inspiration here to guide you toward those qualities in your own life.